Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rain Day

Today, marks the end of an 11 day stretch of ramp and float installs. In 11 days we installed more than 50 systems. We even worked two tides in one day, a 7 am tide and 7 pm tide, which was a first for SOS. We would have continued straight through until the end of next week, but today consists of torrential rain and 30+ mph winds. No matter how hard you push and try to work in that kind of weather, the day is only going to end in tears with a bunch of busted equipment and crushed souls. So we are taking a breather to get caught up on things at home.

The last week has been very slow going. While the weather has been warmer, it has still been windy and our highest tide was only a 9.6. Many float storage systems have been designed with 10 and 11 foot high tides in mind and when it comes to clearing a jagged rock, a 1/2 of an inch can mean the difference between a smooth install and more than an hour of jacking and pulling.

The smaller high tides mean we have to get a little bit creative. Here we used pipes to extend the ways. 

 And when lines go missing over the winter, sometimes they require a little search and recovery.

It's been a tough few weeks with a lot of windy weather, but the good news is that the end of the frantic season is in sight. We can now count the installs remaining on two hands. We should be able to finish up the last of our installs by the end of next week. That will be the harbinger of a more peaceful era, Inspection Season. 

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