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About Brian

In the 1990's, Brian Soper served as the Harbor Master for the Town of Harpswell. During that time he became familiar with the state and local laws that govern moorings and harbors. Being intimately involved in the mooring world, he saw many different types of mooring designs and began to develop a best practices list in his head.

After leaving town service, Brian took all that he had learned and began what would eventually become Soper Ocean Services.  He started with diver inspections and over the next 10 years he slowly expanded to include repairs, new mooring construction, seasonal dock maintenance, and other marine services.

In April of 2013 Brian began to pass the torch to his daughter and son-in-law. While he no longer works on the boat, he still an integral part of the team, providing recommendations and advice regularly.

About Sarah

Brian's daughter, Sarah, began working with her father in the marine services business in 2004. During her freshmen year at Maine Maritime Academy she became certified scuba diver, which allowed her to conduct mooring inspections with her dad when she was home from college. During her summers off she served has his diver, learning how to to inspect and repair moorings.

In 2007, Sarah graduated from MMA with a degree in International Business and Logistics. Following graduation she complete a scuba instructor certification program where she became a PADI Dive Instructor. She returned to the Academy for a year, where she taught scuba and cold water survival.

In 2008, Sarah married David and took a job working for the US Navy in Bath, Maine. For 4.5 years she negotiated shipbuilding contracts as a Navy civilian.

In 2013, Sarah quit her job and took the reigns of Soper Ocean Services. In addition to driving the barge, she handles billing, customer communications, dive work, and provides unskilled labor assistance to David.

About David

David grew up in southern Florida. Before moving to Maine to attend MMA, he worked many different fields including bar tending, computer repair, and construction. As a kid he was well known for taking his toys apart to see how they worked.

In 2008, David graduated from Maine Maritime Academy with a degree in Marine Engineering Technology.

In 2009, David took a job as a controls engineer at Bath Iron Works where he was a critical team member working on the most advanced ship in the world, the USS Zumwalt.

Having worked in many fields and environments (including shipboard), David has always been very interested in working for himself. He was the driving force behind him and his wife quitting their jobs to take over the family business. David directs the barge movements, performs the heavy lifting, performs mechanical repairs, and makes all final decisions when it comes to structural repairs and construction.

About Nemo

He's the barge dog. He pretty much lays around a lot and barks at stuff.

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