Our Services

Soper Ocean Services provide a wide range of marine related services. Below are our standard services but we are always willing to quote a special job.

- New Mooring Construction
- Mooring Inspection
- Mooring Repair
- Dive Services
- Lost Mooring Search and Recovery*
- Seasonal Ramp and Float Installations/Winterizations
- Seasonal Mooring Winterization/ De-winterization
- Dock and Float Repair
- New Float Construction
- New Dock Construction**

* We are always willing to search for lost moorings, but the truth is they are rarely found. Grappling is our preferred technique, but often that is not an option because there are too many lobster traps or other encumbrances in the area. We can and will dive for a mooring, but the visibility in Maine is generally less than 5 feet and only made worse by the searching process. Before diving for a mooring we ask the following questions:

How confident are you about the location? Do you think you can throw and anchor overboard and have it land on top of it? If you don't know where your mooring is, our job will be virtually impossible.

What is the condition of your mooring? Are we looking for a 400 pound mushroom with brand new chain or are we looking for 15 year old mooring that has never been inspected? Moorings that go missing usually do so because they are old and require significant maintenance. Which leads to the next question . . .

How much is this mooring worth to you? If I find your mooring it will require repair work. If I don't find your mooring you will still have to pay me for my time to search for it. In the case of older or smaller moorings , it usually makes more sense to put that money you would have spent on search and recovery towards a new mooring.

** At this time we are only taking on smaller new construction jobs. We do not have the manpower or equipment required to build massive systems. If you are interested in having us build a wharf for you give us a call and we will come out and do a site evaluation. If we feel it is beyond our means we will be glad to help you find someone better suited for the job.

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